Another Week of Stick

It’s not been a good week to be a resident of Cheltenham.

Gloucester were so much better than Worcester at Kingsholm last weekend, I think  we came third.

After a defeat like that, going back home to a town full of Gloucester players and supporters was no fun.

There was plenty of banter at the ground too. I got loads of stick from The Shed in the warm-up and, when I came off the bench, we were already 19-3 down...nice.

This week, we play Saracens, which is one of my old clubs so I am guaranteed a bit of stick there too.

Like I have said before, it’s all part of the game and I actually enjoy it.

I have got thick skin...and lots of it.

We will have to tighten up our game considerably against the champions this weekend.

Sarries are trying to set new standards on and off the pitch. Off the pitch, their team bonding sessions and family atmosphere are well-known, although I am not sure how long they can sustain losses of £6m a year for.

On the pitch, they play a brand of rugby which is uncompromising and hard to beat.

We were our own worst enemy last weekend and if we can cut out just 50 per cent of the errors we made last weekend, we will have a good chance.

I see the boys on Living Rugby have been promoting their favourite nick names this week.

I have known and been called a few very harsh ones over the years – but rugby is a harsh environment. If you bite back, you can guarantee that 14 blokes will be calling you that name for the rest of your life!

Among my favourites are two for Mark Cueto, who is away with England in New Zealand at the minute.

He’s called ‘Conker Tree’ because of his age and ‘Box Head Ted’, because his head is square.

That’s a fact. There’s no arguing.

A Living Rugby editorial apology to Andy as the spell check changed conker to conquer, which is of course a non existent type of flora. Thanks also to reader who spotted it, getting a livingrugby cap when we make some. Ed.

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