Henson Is Hot Property And Great Copy

Henson Is Hot Property And Great Copy

Gavin Henson faces a huge test of his character when he begins the Aviva Premiership season with London Welsh in three weeks’ time.

Not only will the quality of his rugby be tested to the limit in a hard and uncompromising English league.

But everything he does – or doesn’t do – off the field will be under massive scrutiny.

The press will follow him around like bees around a honey pot and he will be in their glare whenever he leaves the training field or his house.

Whether you agree that one person should face such close attention from the press or not, they will be all over him like a rash.

In the world of the media, Henson is hot property and great copy.

While that is all going on, Gavin needs to get his head screwed on and keep it there.

He simply cannot afford the controversy that has dogged his career and lifestyle so far.

Henson has seen more Last Chance Saloons than you would find in a 24-hour Western movie marathon.

And living in London where the bright lights and big city are only a tube ride away, there will be plenty of temptations out there for him.

Hopefully, he can come through it and reignite a career that had so much promise.

Henson still has tremendous ability to win a game and I actually think that the Welsh should play him at inside centre and not the fly-half position that most people think he will get the nod at.

There will be so much going on in his life that the added responsibility brought about by wearing the No.10 shirt is something that he doesn’t need.

Let him do his magic at centre but without the team having to rely on him to make as many decisions as he would at fly-half.

He is a superb player with the No.12 shirt on, as he has proved at the Ospreys in the past.

Stick him there and leave it to him to look after himself off the pitch.

If it works, he will be a cracking signing for the Exiles.

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