The Goode, the bad and the ugly

I am glad our visit to play Leicester Tigers at Welford Road today has come early in this season’s fixture list.

Our last visit there was near the end of the 2011/12 season and ended with me getting a first-half red card for a high tackle on Tom Croft.

That was my first visit to my old club as a player since I left them and it was not what I had envisaged at kick-off that day.

I was gutted with what happened. I don’t know what came over me.

I also felt bad because I had received a cracking reception from the Leicester supporters too which meant a lot seeing as I had left the club four years ago.

The sooner you can get back to a place after a bad experience like that, the better, because it gives you a quicker chance of redemption.

I’ll be fired-up again today but I will channel my passion in the right areas. I hope there will be a spare minute for a bit of banter with the Tigers boys on the field too.

I will be looking out for Geordy Murphy and Martin Castrogiovanni. If there are any digs flying around, those two will usually be involved somewhere along the line.

I know Welford Road well and we need a win after last week’s last-minute loss to Bath.

We did some really good things and had completely dominated the opening half with 65 per cent of possession.

But we kept giving away silly penalties and that allowed them to stay in the game and build momentum. Bath took any opportunities that came their way, while we missed three out of four decent scoring chances.

They kicked the leather off most things that moved but they managed to come out on top and most professionals in this game would rather win ugly than lose playing Champagne rugby.

I’ll take an ugly win today.

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Rhino33 said...

09 September 2012 11:48,

Agree T-i-B. Last season was a clumsy incident.

Good to see Andy back at Welford Road. Not a bad result for Worcs yesterday, even if they came away without the BP they desperately played for at the end.

Tiger_in_Birmingham said...

09 September 2012 11:01,

We all know the flash of madness last season was because you missed having a punch up with the guys in training

You'll always be a Tiger Andy - and always welcomed home like one.

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