Honesty Big Focus At Club

When I first signed for Exeter, I knew rugby was a big thing down here.

You get that feeling when you walk around the city that people know the game and are passionate about their club.

The support we always receive as a group of players is much appreciated and it is a small enough city to get noticed by fans.

The fact that they stop us and wish us well means a lot to the players and helps maintain a real feel-good factor about playing for the Chiefs.

I have been at a few clubs in my time and it is a lot more laid back down here. People are happy to help us out in any way they can and there is a real sense of community around the club.

That friendliness and generosity really helped myself and my missus settle when we came down here.

At the club itself, there is a real sense of honesty. Head coach Rob Baxter is as honest as they come and tells it how it is.

That honesty has been a real focus as we proved most people wrong by staying up last season. But that was no fluke. The club had consistently finished in the top few of the Championship over previous years and so there was a good platform for success in the Premiership.

I never thought we would be going straight back down.

There are no stars in our side. We are just a hard-working bunch of blokes who don’t have to rely on a couple of marquee signings to drive us on.

We are not a side that sets itself targets saying that we need to finish eighth or sixth or whatever. But we are ambitious as players and we know the club and its backers are also keen to keep things moving forward both on and off the field.

Fans visiting Exeter's Sandy Park ground should read our Chiefs' club page to find out more about the match-day experience there.

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