Rabbit In Food Diary

It’s not every day as a rugby player, you find yourself butchering a rabbit.

It was something I did the other day when myself and five other Exeter players went on a cookery course.

I am not sure I would want to do it again.

But it tasted good – and that was even after I had cooked it.

The day was something that the Rugby Players Association had arranged for us at Exeter College. I enjoy cooking but my repertoire is hardly extensive so I wanted to learn a few new dishes and techniques.

Don’t tell her, but I blame my missus. She is super fit and skinny – but she cannot cook.

I need three or four good meals a day to try and keep myself at a hooker’s weight and so food is very important to me. It’s just that I have got bored of the same old stuff.

At the Chiefs, we all get a great meat pack from Pipers Farm once a week with all sorts of healthy meat cuts and eggs in it. But I just want to try to do something else with it.

We were put in pairs by our chef. There was myself and Peter Short, Mark Foster and Tom Johnson, Hoani Tui and Hayden Thomas.

I am afraid to report that it got competitive.

Rugby players are a pretty competitive bunch and that refers to anything we do.

We all made a focacia bread first before moving on to the rabbit. I really enjoyed, Pete and I did alright and we might be seeing if we can do some more in the near future.

It will be nice to write something different in the food diary that all the Chiefs players have to fill in for our nutritionist. Everything we eat, we have to admit to.

I am quite lucky really because I rarely get the urge for ‘fast food’, like some of the boys do and have to rein it in.

Although I do have to admit that the odd time I write the line ‘roasted cod loin and new potatoes’, it was not quite the full story.

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You too can order your meat pack from Pipers Farm.

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