Bus Is Home From Home For Chiefs

Bus Is Home From Home For Chiefs

Coming from Exeter, we spend our fair of the season on the nation's motorways.

Luckily for us, we are spoilt with the bus that we travel around in. It's a bit of a home from home.

There are tables of four, reclining seats and there is even a kitchen for us to make sure that we stay hydrayted and, crucially, don't get peckish.

Being sportsmen, of course we find some way to be competitive on our way to games as we travel anywhere from nearby Bath, right up to Newcastle and Sale.

There are a few people who can spend the whole time with their headphones in keeping themselves to themselves.

But the majority of us keep ourselves busy. We have a team quiz on most trips and Haydn Thomas, Luke Arscott and Tom Johnson take it in turns to come up with the questions.

It's serious stuff too and the quiz can take a couple of hours to complete.

We are in teams of four and it can be gladitorial stuff. Man to man. Chief versus Chief.

Apart from 'Team Google' that is.

Messers Sturgess, Scaysbrook, Phillips and Clark are known as such because they tend to have a habit of sneaking on their mobile phones under the table to find answers to questions on Google.

It's shameful behaviour.

The quiz is great fun and it's something that we look forward to. That time on the bus is vital for us as a squad.

Not only is good for team bonding, it is also good for the boys with babies and young families to relax and fully focus on the game.

As any dad knows, it is like a weekend away for them!

There's no bus trip this weekend though. We are at home and have an absolutely massive European game with French giants Perpignan.

If we get the better of them at Sandy Park, we will top our Amlin Challenge group and that will be some achievement.

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