Chief Whitehead On Radio Exe

Chief Whitehead On Radio Exe

The Chris Moyles Show has got nothing on us.

Well, not in terms of its Exeter Chiefs rugby coverage anyway.

I started hosting a radio show on the city’s Radio Exe a few weeks ago and, I have to admit, I am loving it.

Chris Bentley and Mark Foster did all the leg work a few years ago and set it up with the station but it never really took off.

They arranged to give it another go recently because our Chiefs pre-game announcer works for the station.

Only Chris couldn’t make it so I stepped in, as you do, and he has been happy for me to keep doing it.

Working on it with Mark Foster, my biggest battle is not overcoming any pre-show nerves, it’s trying to get a word in edgeways with him rabbiting on.

We play music and have some requests sent in to us on air on Twitter.

We also have some good banter – the cornerstone of any good rugby club’s day-to-day running.

I give out a Peppa Pig Award to the player that has been Peppa-ing head coach Rob Baxter with the most compliments during the week and I also give out Whitehead’s Words of Wisdon, which I’m told, can be inspirational!

I also hope that we give Chiefs fans an insight into what goes on at the club and what some of the players they watch are like off the pitch.

We answer questions that fans have posted on a fans’ forum website and have a really good laugh doing so. We might have a phone-in one day but we would be sitting there praying that the questions were sensible and not X-Rated.

It’s really good fun and we are going to get some studio guests in soon. The time flies by and we are hoping to secure a longer, two-hour, slot in future.

Hopefully, Fozzy won’t see that as an extended chance to hear the sound of his own voice!

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