Rob Baxter Likes Us Doing Rugby Work At Exeter

Rob Baxter Likes Us Doing Rugby Work At Exeter

Rugby Blog On Pre-Season Training At Exeter Chiefs.

It’s always good to get a rugby ball in your hands early on during pre-season training.

I know some clubs think the way forward is to hammer the gym and build up fitness levels before the balls even come out of the bag. Each to their own.

At Exeter, head coach Rob Baxter likes us doing rugby work very early on compared to other clubs.

After all, we may be athletes – but we are not training for athletics.

Rob sat us all down at 8am on the first day of pre-season and, as well as welcoming some of the new signings to the camp, he also told us what he wants and expects from us this season.

Having qualified for the Heineken Cup, it’s fair to say that the 2012/13 campaign is likely to be one of the biggest in the club’s history.

There are no rule books to follow with Rob’s expectations and methods, it’s all common sense.

You do not turn up late for meetings and if you work hard, you will do alright. If you don’t do those things, you will not be here long.

Nobody is arrogant here at Exeter. As a team we know that we will have to work really hard to stay in the top half of the table and as players, the same applies for earning a starting shirt and then keeping it.

As well as bringing in someone like Aussie international Dean Mumm, there will, once again, be some people in our squad this season who have come up from the Championship and given the chance to show what they can do.

Alex Brown from Doncaster and Carl Rimmer from the Cornish Pirates are two such players and they will not have to look far to find players here who have enjoyed the same experience.

Rob likes spotting people from the Championship with talent and giving them the chance to develop into even better players.

It has proven to be a successful policy so far and, the right infrastructure around them, I see no need for that to change this season either.

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