Avoiding the team's snorers

Avoiding the team's snorers

Exeter Chiefs hooker Chris Whitehead

Rugby away trips

Anybody that has been away to play rugby either on tour or at a far-off venue will know there is one thing to try and avoid when you share a hotel room with another player.

I can put up with mess and, let’s say, anti-social behaviour. I can even live with someone making themselves a drink – and not getting me one.

But snoring is the one thing we all dread.

It’s no different on Exeter away trips when we are stopping over somewhere.

There’s no list of offenders - but we all know the players you need to avoid when the pairing-off process arrives.

The players to avoid rooming with

Chris Budgen and Sereli Naqelevuki would be top of the list if there was one. Both are the equivalent of trying to go to sleep next to a bloke operating a pneumatic drill.

If they get to sleep before you, the night is lost.

Fortunately for me, we usually get the chance to pick who we can room with most of the time, so I tend to go for Phil Dollman or one of the other lighter-weight backs who don’t have so much timber.

There is not only less chance of them snoring but there is more chance of me being able to bully them into making me a cup of tea when I wake up!

There are horror stories floating around of one of the lads who had to room with Budgen, spending the night in the corridor, laying on the floor, just so he could get some sleep.

Chris is certainly unique. It has got to the stage now where he is usually afforded the luxury of his own room so nobody else has to suffer.

Mind you, Sereli is catching him up fast.

I guess a profession where the chances are higher than most that you are going to get your nose broken at some stage, does not auger well for a team of non-snorers.

At least the beds are nice these days now we are in the Premiership. We are royally spoilt at big business hotels like Marriotts.

I remember in the old days when I played for Coventry. We  stayed in B&Bs in places like Penzance, when we had gone down to play the Cornish Pirates, where most of the lads had the bottom half of their legs hanging out the bottom of tiny beds, let alone their feet.

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Rhino33 said...

23 September 2012 10:40,

Never slept in the corridor before but been responsible for other people having to sleep outside the room.

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