Chiefs hooker Chris Whitehead has been renovating a house in his

If you are planning to move house in the near future, I could write you a book on how to upset the local community and become a social pariah before you have even moved in.

Probably against my better judgement, me and the soon-to-be Mrs Whitehead decided that we would take on a renovation project in our spare time.

Spare time soon became almost full time!

We bought an old Victorian three-bed that has been gutted from top to bottom.

All the kitchen and units and stuff were ripped out to leave a blank canvas.

We’ve also needed planning permission to do some of the things we wanted and then got embroiled in a, let’s say, ‘healthy discussions’ with an elderly neighbour about boundaries in the garden.

After weeks and weeks of ‘healthy discussions’, she got her way and then promptly announced she was moving!

Meanwhile, the skips we had put outside the house to chuck all of the rubbish into, didn’t go down too well with the local residents’ permit parking scheme and we had complaint after complaint.

Still, while all of this was going on, it was nice to know that my girlfriend was getting really stuck in too – looking at fixtures and fitting on the internet!

Anyway, the whole thing is nearing an end at last and I think we are friends with the locals again.

And here’s me thinking it would be a doddle at my first attempt. Lesson learned.

We have signed all of the agreements now and we simply have to get it ready for the planned move in mid-December.

If it’s not ready, we might be bothering friends for a room on the eve of the 24th.

How Christmassy of us!

Exeter Chiefs play later today 13:30 kick off.

Read the updated Exeter Chiefs club page; they play later today (Saturday 8th) at 13:30 away at Scarlets.

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