Tough End of Season


While there is plenty of glory to be chased for those involved in the play-offs, it is a really tough stage of the season for guys whose clubs are battling to stave off relegation.
The issues facing the specific clubs involved are one thing but there is much at stake for the players too. It’s not overly dramatic to say that players’ careers are on the line as they attempt to stay in the Premiership and avoid the trap door into the Championship.
The level of rugby they want to be playing is one point but, for those with children and mortgages, there can also be a financial importance to maintaining their top flight status.
At Leicester, we have been at the right end of the table for most of my time in the Premiership but I really feel for those guys with survival on their minds come the end of the season.
For ourselves, getting ready for the last few games is an exciting time. The season is nearly over, the sun is out and there is a cup final atmosphere at some big games.
People say the pressure is huge and that may be true but it is nowhere near as hard playing rugby now as it is during the long, dark and cold winter months around Christmas. I would swap a bit of colour in my cheeks for hats and base layers any day of the week. 
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