Bath Players Add to Sartorial Eleganceof City

Bath Players Add to Sartorial Eleganceof City

Bath is a lovely place at the best of times but on sunny weeks like this, it is glorious.

There is plenty of sartorial elegance in such a wonderful old city and, when the sun is out, the
players at Bath like to add to that.

There are a few guys in the squad who rate themselves on the fashion front. Some carry it off, others

Talking of which, Sam Vesty has a pair of Espadrilles.

Most of the boys have them. But Sam?

There’s usually a limit for fashion with some people - and Sam Vesty with Espadrilles is that limit.

It’s not about age, it’s just about style and carrying something off.

Don Johnson from Miami Vice wore Espadrilles. He looked cool.

But anyone who looks like a cross between Jimmy Bullard and Rod Hull should not be seen dead in

Along with Espadrilles, most of the boys wear standard shorts in weather like this and, some of the
backs can even get away with wearing pastel-coloured tee-shirts!

I would let you know what the forwards wear but I never socialise with them so I don’t know.

Shades are de rigeur but I struggle on that front because my ears are higher than my eyes.

I went to Specsavers the other week to get some reading glasses and the bloke in there took one
look at my unusual alignment and sighed.

“You can rule the whole of that wall out for starters,” he said, pointing to about 200 pairs of glasses.

Nobody has had the guts to wear a hat yet. And I mean a proper hat – not like Tom Biggs and Jack
Cuthbert’s baseball caps.

Nick Scott has had the guts to wear a cardigan though.

He’s a brave man.

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