Danny The Hipkiss of Death Might Catch On...

We have been exploring some new nicknames at Bath to try and get away from the rather simple formula of adding a ‘y’ to everyone’s name.

We came up with trying to invent boxer’s name for each other while we were lifting weights in the gym.

Tom Biggs absolutely loved Tom ‘The Bomb’ Biggs.

Our strength and conditioning coach got tagged with Matt ‘Dead Hard’ Pickard.

And I hope Danny ‘The Hipkiss of Death’ might catch on some day – although I severely doubt it.

There have been some cracking nicknames in the sport of rugby over my time in the game - and even the odd one that is suitable for family viewing on a blog!

One of my favourites was when Irish side Munster signed Lifeimi Mafi. His new team mates all struggled to pronounce his name, so they ended up calling him ‘Larry Murphy’.

The best one I have probably ever heard of though, which really tickled me, was given to the New Zealand cricket international, Jeetan Patel.

When he was introducing himself in a strong Kiwi accent, nobody could understand what he was saying for his Christian name. As a result, his team mates just called him ‘Dave’ to make it simple - and it has stuck.

Nowadays, when he is bowling, you can still hear the wicket-keeper shouting: “Well bowled Dave!”

We face Exeter on Saturday at The Rec knowing that we have just got to try and tighten up a little and not make the silly mistakes that cost us against Saracens last weekend.

You live and learn from games like that and, as much as it hurts, I would rather us learn those lessons now than come April or May.

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