Horrified to find Vesty as my room mate

Portugal was a lovely place to spend our pre-season.

For a new signing like me, I saw it as an ideal chance to get to know some of the boys at Bath a bit better.

So imagine my horror when I found out that my room mate was none other than Sam Vesty – my old team mate, and often room mate when we were at Leicester.

It was too hot for Vesty’s pale skin out there. We had a training session early in the morning and then Sam would run inside as the sun came up, slap on the Factor 50 and shut all the windows and blinds.

Bless him.

We had one of the Academy boys in our villa with us. I kept a tight ship, picking up all their clothes and making cups of tea. Me and Vesty even let the Academy lad have his own room. How times have changed.

I have become so fed up with Vesty’s company over the years, that, instead of sharing the other room with him, I just took a mattress and stuck in on the floor in the living room!

Outside of our domestic bliss, the training we did as a team was excellent. We had two sessions a day, one early on and one about 5pm. There were plenty of team meals and a few walks around the gorgeous Villamoura Harbour.

After plenty more weeks of hard work in pre-season, it’s finally time to start the Aviva Premiership when we travel to Newcastle on Saturday.
It will be about as far removed from Portugal as you could imagine!

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