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I am a huge fan of cooking and I love my food.

With the potential of using up some serious energy at training in the week, it’s important to get a good feed and plenty of liquid down you first thing in the morning.

I usually eat plenty when I wake up but make sure it’s the right stuff.

Every morning in the week will be some mixture of scrambled eggs, bacon, black pudding, soda bread, pitta bread, coffee, green tea and peppermint tea. Not ALL of that, I hasten to add, just some of it.

It’s trial and error with some foods and you work out how certain things react with you - but all clubs have nutritionists to advise you as well.

I’ve experimented with some foods in my time. I remember going through a no carbs phase where I would eat a rib-eye steak and two poached eggs every morning. Then I stopped getting picked for England and I couldn’t afford it!

At Bath, they give us three hours to digest our breakfast before we start running around.

At midday, I have a big protein intake and some greens. That stops me wanting to pick and snack during the rest of the day for a meal at night.

It was good to get back to winning ways last weekend after our loss to Sarries and really satisfying to score my first try at The Rec.

I’ve learned that in rugby, you can do one thing well and people will think that you are very good.

You can also do one thing badly and be judged on it.

Because of that, I am not getting too carried away about my try last week. Just like I wasn’t beating myself up too much about the circumstances surrounding Saracens late winner the week before.

You just have to learn to take the rough with the smooth.

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