RFU Shake-Up Won't Effect Playing Side

There has been some discussion that the upheaval that has been going on at the RFU had a detrimental effect on England’s disappointing World Cup campaign.

While nobody in that squad will be overly happy at what has been going on in the upper echelons of the game’s administration, it is highly unlikely that it will have had any effect whatsoever on how they played the game and what they did on the pitch in New Zealand.

The only thing you see as a player is your direct management team. In their case, that would be Martin Johnson, John Wells and the others, as well as your fitness guys.

You do your bit, train hard and play hard.

What goes on in an office at Twickenham does not affect that.

It could however, play on the mind of the management team. Johnno and the other guys have to deal with the people above them in the chain of command and, if that is in turmoil, it’s obviously not great for them.

I hope they sort it out sooner rather than later at board level because the constant comings and goings of recent times is not good for the game in this country.

At lots of clubs, there is a forwards’ coach and a backs’ coach. One of them is usually the head coach.

It means that it is easier for those people to get their message across to the players because it is not diluted on the way down by too many people.

At the moment, it seems that is not the case at the RFU.

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