No Fan of Movember

It is Movember time and I am not a fan.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s all about growing a moustache to raise money for prostate cancer which is a great cause.

And don’t get me wrong for a second time, it’s not because I would have a problem growing a damn good one. I have been shaving since I was 13 and could grow a moustache putting the bins out.

I just think that it is discriminatory and exclusive.

Some of the boys are all over it and the likes of Guy Mercer and Kane Palma-Newport will do well.

But what about the fairer-haired boys? Spare a thought for them because they can’t join in even if they wanted to.

Poor things.

What about the likes of Tom Biggs, Simon Taylor and Sam Vesty for example?

People would no doubt defend Movember and say at least they could have a go.

But have you seen Vesty with a ginger moustache? It’s quite scary. It’s bad enough that he has to have that hair on his head, let alone his top lip.

Sorry, I’m just not having it and you won’t change my mind. Movember is just an attack on their masculinity.

Away from hairy lips, we host Harlequins this weekend and the league leaders are there for a reason.

There is a core of good young English players and the spirit that creates in the team unit cannot be underestimated.

I always feel that a team of good English players with a sprinkling of foreign talent is the way forward in the Aviva Premiership and a recipe for success.

At Quins, the likes of Chris Robshaw, Will Skinner, Ugo Monye, Nick Easter and Danny Care are all mates and are a close bunch. They play for each other and they instil that sense of pride around the club.

They will be tough nuts to crack but we can cement our place in the play-off spots going into Europe next week if we win.

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