Bath's Best Breakfast Burrito

I make no apologies for this blog as I am seriously into my food - but I think I have found something very special.

The ‘Breakfast Burrito’ is amazing.

They serve it at a favourite haunt of mine called Jika Jika – a coffee shop in Bath where me and some of the boys from the club like to congregate on our days off. Our hooker Lee Mears is a part-owner of it.

It contains avacado, hash brown, scrambled egg, sour cream and bacon. They roll it up in a tortilla, toast it and serve it with some home-made chutney.

With a flat white coffee, it really is the bomb.

It’s one of loads of places to go to down here if you are going out to eat or have a drink.

I feel at this point, that I must just quickly state that I am not on commission from the Bath Tourist Board!

Not only is Bath a sensational place to live, it is also a very sociable club with a really welcoming group of blokes who like to spend time with each other outside of the work place.

That has really helped me settle here after I decided to up-sticks and move from Leicester – a place I have spent all of my professional career at.

There are a group of boys who like to congregate together on our days off. Last week, the cast that assembled at Jika Jika’s was messers Mercer, Scott, Biggs, Moody, Vesty, Abendanon, Dixon and Beattie.

There is no social secretary as it were because the club likes to leave us to our own devices in our own time. But there are always guys to hang around with and spend quality time together when we are not training or playing.

Life is good off the pitch. Now we must get back to winning ways on it and the current Heineken Cup champions Leinster on successive weekends will be a serious test of our resources.

Read more about Bath Rugby at our club page, including links to ticket information for home games.

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