Hipkiss Christmas Dinner

Forget turkey this Christmas, a rib of beef is the way forward.

I know that is somewhat against the traditional values set by most people in this country.

But a rib of beef tastes great and also gives you much nicer leftovers to work with afterwards.

Before I get shouted down too much, there are ways to spice your turkey if that is the way you are going.

Look to chutneys and preserves. They are easy to make, one-pot cooking and can look great in the right glass pot or jar.

My personal favourite is a chilli jam. Now that will liven up your bird on Boxing Day (Legal Disclaimer: By saying “bird”, I obviously mean your turkey, not your wife or girlfriend).

On the big day itself, making a few subtle additions can really liven up your veg too.

You have got to have a good Maris Piper potato for your roasties and get out the old goose fat at this time of year to cook them in. It’s a time for indulgence.

To spruce up your carrots and make them nice and warming, grate some ginger into them and add a bit of chopped parsley.

I like a blob of wholegrain mustard and some runny honey on my parsnips and it’s good to treat your sprouts in the same way that you would some cabbage by throwing in some chesnuts and smoked bacon.

If you are usually full by the time desert comes along, then try this version of the old stodgy Christmas pud.

Make a simple vanilla custard base. Stick it in an ice-cream maker and add bits of Christmas pudding. Mix it all together and you have a nice variation on a pudding that is not too filling but still gives you the kick of a traditional classic.

If you start the day with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on a white English muffin and wash everything down with a drop of rum or Jack Daniels, you’ll have a day to remember.

Enjoy – and may your Christmas table be full of goodies.


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