Gym Work For Old Dog

Gym Work For Old Dog

I have recently been thinking about what avenues of life I might go into when I finish playing rugby.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of action in the old dog yet.

But this can be a difficult time in your life, as a professional rugby player, when you start to realise that you can’t go on playing the game for ever.

There is now a generation of players like myself who have come straight from school and into the sport at a professional level.

A few have managed to complete degrees or some level of studying part-time while playing.

But the demands of the sport are now so great that, degree or not, others haven’t given much thought to their future.

I am in that boat and that can be quite daunting.

So I have been discussing with a friend of mine, Gloucester fly-half Tim Taylor, plans to open a gym somewhere near Bath.

It would be kind of like a natural progression for both of us.

We have always been keen in the gym while we have been playing the game and it is fair to say there is not much in the way of ideology and theory that we don’t know about.

We are both outgoing blokes and like to pass the time of day with the general public.

With all due respect to Tim, I think I may have to spend a more time than him behind the scenes with my head in the books doing the accounts.

But it is a pretty good fit for both of us and is something that we would both get a lot out of.

And with the things we have learned from a sports science perspective over the years, I like to think that we would be able to offer a professional service to an amateur clientele.

So that’s the idea sorted. We just need a few bob and a name now.

Suggestions to please!

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Stan Hamshaw said...

12 February 2012 14:57,

Danny, I have taken on the 'Task' of collating 'The 50yr History of Diss Rugby Club' and I have come across a newspaper cutting of your visit to the club in Dec 2007, will you please contact me on my E-Mail so we can discuss this further, Thank You Stan Hamshaw

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