Moody Made Me Feel Invincible

Moody Made Me Feel Invincible

Lewis Moody once asked me to deliver a bunch of flowers wearing just a pair of boxer shorts.

It was to his girlfriend, Annie, who is now his wife and mother to his two children.

I was only 21 at the time and drove to her place of work, an interior designers on Welford Road in Leicester.

I sheepishly got out of the car and walked up to the front door wearing an overcoat, a bow tie and a pair of boxer shorts. That was it.

I walked in, flowers in hand, thinking to myself: “Thank God this is nearly over”.

I was met by her manager – who promptly told me that Annie had just gone out on her lunch hour!

I spent the next hour waiting outside in the car, ducked down in the passenger seat, praying to God that a policeman didn’t walk by.

Annie eventually got her flowers.

Looking back on that day, I always wonder what the hell I was doing. But that story represented my relationship with Moodos in a nutshell.

He was so good to me when I first joined the club, always looking out for me and taking time to offer help and advice when needed, that I would have done anything for him.

And I would still do anything for him after yesterday’s announcement of his retirement from all forms of rugby due to injury.

It’s sad to see him leave the sport because he is always such good value around the club and in the dressing room – and I have been lucky to spend my whole career playing with him at Leicester and now at Bath.

But his body is telling him it’s time to pack it in and I am glad he has done before he got seriously battered.

Lewis helped you take the fear out of playing one of the most dangerous sports in the world. If you listened to him before a game, he would make you feel invincible. He would never let any player get on top of him and he was always so positive about his team mates and your chances of winning.

Even if you thought you might lose a game, five minutes with Moodos would make you change your mind. His attitude rubbed off on those around him. He made me feel unbeatable.

Moodos led by example, has won all there is to win and has done it all.

He has always been a superstar on the pitch – I am sure he will be the same off it.

He once took me to Silverstone to watch the motor racing Grand Prix. I found myself in a helicopter with him, Vernon Kay and Tess Daly off the telly and England cricketer Kevin Pietersen.

As they chatted away to him, they had absolutely no idea who I was. I think they thought I was his minder.

But even then, he was trying to include me in conversations as we shouted above the noise of the rotor-blades. That’s the sort of bloke he is. Life is always exciting when you are around Lewis Moody – and that will never change.

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