Bath have nerve-wracking winning start

Olly Barkley’s penalty saw our season get off to a winning, if nerve-wracking start against Worcester last week.

In truth, we didn’t play very well, had little rhythm to our game and head coach Gary Gold told us to treat it like a loss.

We did things that we didn’t want to do and that gave Worcester opportunities which they took and built confidence from.

We were 12-0 down at one stage but we didn’t panic and stuck to our game plan – something we may not have done last season as we chased a game.

Gary has come in this year and said that he wants to develop our games individually but, crucially, he also wants to make sure that we have a clear understanding of what the team is trying to do on the pitch.

Last year, there was a lot of process but now it is all outcome based. We have to ask ourselves why we are doing certain things and, already, I have learned a lot.

Picture by Patrick Khachfe

You can think you have seen most things in the game when, like me, you go past your 30th birthday.

But it has been good to step back and ask myself why I am doing certain things and what are the best ways I can actually benefit the team - instead of just doing what I am good at.

It’s been good to really analyse what I do and make sure that whatever that is, it is helping the boys out around me.

We take on Wasps this weekend and their game against Harlequins last Saturday at Twickenham was astonishing.

Hopefully, they won’t be on such good try-scoring form this week.

Against sides like that, who have weapons like Tom Varndell and Christian Wade, you have to put trust in your defensive system. If everyone does their bits at the right time, we will do well.

We won’t worry too much about what Wasps will do. We will just concentrate on our system and put trust in what we do.

Gary has told us that we can only control the controllables and you can’t control anything the opposition do.

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