Vesty's maid for the day

It was one of those moments where you almost know what was going to happen before it did.

In one particular training session in the Bath camp recently, I was engaging in a bit of banter with my old mucker Sam Vesty.

I told him that if he scored off the next play we were going to do, I would do anything he wanted me to the next day.

I watched in that type of slow motion that often accompanies you dropping a glass onto a concrete floor as Vesty threw a lovely dummy and ran in over the line.

He was laughing loudly as he dived in for a try.

In actual fact, there was a double movement as he crossed the line but seeing as we are yet to install a TMO at Farleight House where we train, I had to let him have it.

He got up pointing at me and laughing and pointing some more. He's not usually arrogant but on this occasion.....

Anyway, I always keep my side of a bargain and so the next day, I did as I promised.

I was expecting some sort of horror day, nipping into the city to pick him up a coffee or something.

But the major problem with Vesty resurfaced again. The big problem he has in life in that he is just too nice a guy.

When we finished morning training, the first thing I did was get him lunch. He was laughing again as I trudged off.

He had even put in some special requests about what he wanted which made sure I had to wait around while his needs were pandered to.

Then I went to get him his supplements and he sat there lapping it up.

I am not criticising him, I would have done the same if I had a mate as daft as me.

But that was it really. That's when it all ended.

There should have been some hilarious story to round off this blog.

But I didn't do anything else. Not a thing.

No dastardly deeds. No nothing. He's just too nice to be a professional rugby player that Vesty - he'll never make it!

On the pitch, we need to get back to winning ways after losing to Saracens at The Rec last week.

We have got Exeter this weekend in a local derby that usually produces a tasty clash.

Seeing as the whole of Devon is practically under water as I write this, I don't think it will be a game for the purists!

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