Dave Jackson Proves Mullets Are For Sportsmen Too

Tom Jones used to have one. So did David Bowie. Michael Bolton and Nik Kershaw had them too. While in the world of sport, Chris Waddle* and most footballers in the 1980s had one.

Now, Nottingham full-back Dave Jackson has one and, in his first blog for Living Rugby, he explains why he wouldn’t accept anything less.

Definition: Mullet (noun) - The mullet is a hairstyle that is short at the front and sides, and long in the back. Often ridiculed as a low-brow and unappealing hairstyle.

My infamous mullet earned me an appearance on ITV this summer. Now the sky is the limit.

Out of the blue, I got asked to go onto a programme called: ‘The Odd One In’.

It stars Bradley Walsh and is on at 8pm on Saturday nights.

I trooped down to London and, as a walk-on guest, I was paraded out with other mullet-haired hopefuls for the assembled panel to guess which hair-dos were real and which ones were stuck on.

It was a good laugh. I never thought I would get my 15 minutes of fame because of a haircut.

But it was a long, long day. I was there for about 12 hours and appeared on TV for about two minutes.

I also had to drive to Sheffield for a stag do at the end of it.

Having had a skinhead for a while, I decided to get a mullet after growing my hair.

Myself and Jack Cobden at the club were trying to get the whole of the Nottingham backs to all sport mullets and moustaches. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work - but it didn’t stop me trying it.

It’s been a lifestyle choice ever since

There are four distinct categories to looking after a mullet: growth, protection, care and styling.

There are some hard times while it’s growing before you get to the actual cutting stage. Your head just resembles a bushy mess. I had to even wear a hair-band to keep it out of my eyes at one stage. When it was cut though, it proved that the mullet is actually the perfect practical hairstyle for sportsmen because your hair never gets in your eyes!

In terms of protection, it’s not only the physical side of things, it’s the mental too. Despite the lovers, there are also the haters and you cannot afford to let them get you down.

As for care, you don’t get that sleek look without the right shampoo and conditioner. Head & Shoulders actually told me that they were considering a special mullet formula shampoo recently.

And finally, in terms of styling, you need to find someone who you can trust to cut it. Be careful, there will be plenty of other people offering to cut it for you!

Anyone coming to see the Green & Whites this season will see it in its full glory... I hope.

* Chris Waddle also arguably a mullet sporting pop icon, if Top of the Pops is the standard.

You can see the mullet when Leicester Tigers travel to play Nottingham at Meadow Lane tomorrow (26th Aug) KO 7.45pm

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