Family Pride at Stake in Chilli Challenge

For the purposes of this blog – and only for the purposes of this blog you understand – I am formally putting myself forward for the “Chilli Challenge”.

There’s this bloke who is one of our most loyal supporters. He follows us home and away.

He also brings a bag of chillis with him to every home game. Whether he grows them himself or what, I have no idea.

But the Sports Bar at Meadow Lane after match is host to his chilli challenge most weekends.

Punters, players, friends and family have all been accosted in the past. And their task? To eat one of his chillis.

Now, I’m told they come in varying degree of heats. I don’t mind a bit of spice and have never done this challenge before.

So, and I may come to regret this later, I am here and now agreeing to do this challenge if the opportunity arises.

There’s family pride at stake too after my dad bottled it the other week after saying he was going to do it. Very disappointing dad.

I’ll keep you posted.

That chance may arise as early as Friday this week because we play Rotherham at home.

They are in a similar position in the table to us and had a cracking win over Bedford last weekend.

We lost 34-23 to London Welsh having been level at 15-15 at one stage so it should be a cracking game

The ‘chilli bloke’ will be there, along with a hardcore bunch who follow us home and away and who are a tremendous source of encouragement for the players.

They call themselves the Green Army and they are a rowdy bunch. They get up to all sorts of things and, so I am told, things like eating a chilli is just the start of their night time entertainment!



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