Help! I think I am addicted to Twitter

The biggest news in the Jackson household this week was not my try in our win over Moseley last weekend – but getting my 1,000th follower on Twitter!

What a personal achievement!

I have been on it for about a year now and only got into it because a friend I know suggested it would be a good idea.

Loads of the boys at Nottingham are on it now so I like to think that they have been the driving force behind that.

There are lots of guys in the Championship on it too and it is great for a bit of banter.

I have to admit, I have become quite addicted to Twitter and have had my girlfriend imploring me to “put that bloody phone down” at various times during the day.

Some of my friends don’t even bother texting me or ringing me these days because the best way to get hold of me is on Twitter.

I am not saying I am keen for more followers but I am at @JackoNR if you are interested.

Myself and Neil Fowkes have just had our testimonial golf day. Unfortunately, damaging wind gusts don’t really help my game and that’s all I want to say about my performance.

Ayoola Erinle’s game wasn’t helped by the wind either. Or the fact that he could be the world’s worst golfer.

I heard reports that he had lost ALL of his balls by the 9th tee and that after hitting two shots 90 degrees on one tee, he actually managed to hit the third attempt behind him! That’s some going.

I would like to thank everyone involved for a cracking day.

Wind was a feature of the day at Moseley as well where it was a good get our first win on the board by coming from behind to take the points 20-10.

I think I have only ever played in wind worse than that once when we were in National Two. I was playing fly-half that day and kicked for what I hope was going to be a chip and catch.

Only the ball flew sideways into their winger’s hands and he sprinted off and scored.

We were 10-0 down last weekend at half-time but came back with the wind on our side. It was nice to cross the try-line for our first try but I got stick for a rubbish dive as I was going over.

When some of that stick comes from your head coach, Glenn Delaney, you know you need to work on it.

The other Living Rugby guys have mentioned their best nicknames this week.

My favourites are the self-proclaimed ‘Storm’ by Chris Pilgrim at Newcastle, along with Sarries’ and USA winger Chris Wyles who is known as ‘The Gift’ – as in ‘God’s gift’.

Some people!

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