Coaching Can Be Embarassing

Myself and Nottingham skipper Craig Hammond coach Ilkeston RFC during the week.

Craig coaches the forwards and brings the bosch. I coach the backs…and bring the tactics.

I started doing it last year and have carried on again this season. I don’t have much experience in coaching and wanted to push on a bit.

I really enjoy it and we are aiming for promotion this year.

We don’t have to get promotion but it is something that is on the wish list.

We came close last year – despite banning the “P”-word in team talks.

It’s harder to actually get the game to support the lads because of my own commitments on the weekend with Nottingham but I still got to about five
games last season.

I could not quite believe how much I go into it when I went to watch them for the first time.

Usually, I am quite a calm person in most things I do and keep a reasonably cool head when under pressure.

But I got really into it, as much as if I was actually out there playing. I suppose it’s the fact that you are largely helpless when they team goes out
there, whereas, if you are playing, at least you feel like you can influence the result.

I found myself shouting at the referee and linesman at times which could be deemed as embarrassing!

Back at Nottingham, it was good to see our World Cup duo James Arlidge and Sione Kalamafoni back at the club last week.

But on the playing front, we let a lead slip again in our latest Championship game and had to settle for a second successive home draw when
we finished 25-25 with the Cornish Pirates.

These are frustrating times.

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