Mystic Jacko is Spot On

At the risk of sounding like someone who spends his life bragging about personal successes, I welcome you to this week’s blog.

Last week, I completed the infamous ‘Chilli Challenge’ in the Sports Bar and Meadow Lane.

My guts had the scars to show for it.

And for those of you coming to watch us play the Cornish Pirates on Friday, the man who brings the chillis, Alan Smith, is allegedly bringing some ‘Grantham Infinities’ with him this week and they are supposed to be the hottest chillis in the World. I won’t be going for a repeat that’s for sure.

Aside from matters of the mouth, I would like to point people in the direction of my World Cup predictions in last week’s Nottingham Evening Post.

I always fancied the Aussies to bounce back from defeat by Ireland to beat South Africa and they did.

I thought Wales would be too strong for Ireland and that France would upset England because they have such a good squad. They were both right too.

New Zealand to beat Argentina was perhaps not as difficult a decision to make but it gave me four from four.

If anyone wants to adopt me as some sort of rugby version of that football World Cup result-predicting octopus, I would tell them that it will be a Wales v Australia final.

Remember where you heard it first.

Closer to home, we play the Cornish Pirates at home on Friday. They are another one of this season’s fancied teams but they have just lost to Bedford.

We lost a nail-biter at another top side last weekend in the form of Bristol. The winning kick came in injury time and, while we were pretty down at the defeat, we came so close to beating them on their own patch.

People will say that results like that proved we are not far off where we want to be. But we have got to stop saying we are nearly there and get some bloody wins under our belts.

We have slipped to seventh in the Championship table and don’t want to start getting too far behind the pack at the top of the table.


Dave Jackson is having a testimonial dinner on 20th November, details here.

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