From Mullet to Movember

I just wanted to reassure friends and family that I am starting to recover from the big event last weekend.

Having my mullet cut off after Sunday’s Nottingham v London Scottish game was emotional. I always said it wasn’t a hairstyle – it was a lifestyle!

It’s been a big part of my life and I felt lost and almost naked when it finally reached the end of its time.

We ended up selling over 400 tickets for the event and the build up to the chop was surreal.

I am still very injured with my broken scapula so, as I waited in the sports bar at Meadow Lane, it made me realise how long it takes for us players to actually get there after getting showered, changed and eating.

As we waited, the crowd grew bigger and bigger. I sat there chatting to my parents. It was a far bigger crowd than we normally have and the tension grew and grew.

It was quite bizarre. There were stacks of people in a bar all waiting to essentially see a stranger cut my hair.

When it came down to it and I had pulled the chosen ticket out of the bag, it wasn’t so much of a stranger after all. The woman was someone who I had taught while I was on my placement training to be become a secondary school science teacher many years ago.

Naturally, she loved it and was telling me the big chop was for all of the homework that I had given her back in the day.

She ended up shaving my head. As the remnants of my mullet lay on the floor, looking all forlorn, I had a quiet moment of reflection.

That hairstyle had got me on two national television channels and cost me a small mortgage in hair products and trims. Now it was gone.

Before I left, there was the slightly surreal moment of a women yelling to her kids, who were running around trying to grab pieces of my hair: “GIVE THAT MAN HIS HAIR BACK”!

I got a great reaction on Twitter when I got home too. Famous 80s mullet-wearer Pat Sharp was one of the first to send me a message which said: “Welcome to my world”

Some guy who listed his home town as Mulletsville criticised me for “leaving the brotherhood”.

But life goes on.

And with ‘Movember’ arriving (the month where people grow moustaches to raise money for prostate cancer), it is almost like a message from on high to get growing hair again.

Of course I won’t be growing any old moustache.

I will be premiering the “Cat’s Tail” moustache during the month.

It’s not a moustache style – it’s a lifestyle!

 Read more about Movember and the various activities and initiatives involved.

There will be more from Dave Jackson on Nottingham Rugby and his new lifestyle, read it here.

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