Blockbuster Power Needed At Pirates

The long trip down to Cornwall to face the Pirates at Mennaye Field today means that the boys’ hopes of an interesting trip rest firmly in the hands of our skipper Craig Hammond.

Hammo is the man charged with our DVD entertainment on away trips and, the trip to Cornwall and back means that we get to see most of the films that have been released in the last six months!

He goes to Blockbuster every night before away fixtures and hires a selection of films for us to watch on the bus.

And before you start thinking it is a lovely gesture of the captain to pay for them all, don’t. I think he pays for it out of the end-of-season fines money. Little money ever leaves Hammo’s wallet unless it’s reluctantly.

We do have the power to veto some of his DVD suggestions. In fact, I remember one film, I think it was “Saw”, that we kept saying ‘no’ to week after week after week.

I would have loved to have seen the look on the bloke’s face in Blockbuster when poor old Hammo went in every Friday night and kept ordering the same film.

He does a good job most of the time, like a good RomCom and, surprisingly, most of the boys don’t mind one too.

There is certainly plenty of time for entertainment on the way down to the Mennaye Field. I can remember many a time seeing signs for Exeter and then thinking, “there’s still another 100 miles to go”.

You basically keep driving until you see the sea – and you are there!

Some people have said that gives the Pirates an advantage but, in fairness, they have to make that sort of trip every other week when they travel so I don’t agree with that view.

They are also a friendly bunch down there and the atmosphere at the ground is terrific. There will be a few die hard members of the green army making the trip and, believe me, when the trip is that far, you are either die hard or bonkers.

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