Mini Celebrity Moments & Mr Prevention

It’s sometimes tough for professional rugby players to deal with the trappings of fame.

And if I ever get to join them, I will let you know what it’s like!

Sadly, playing in the RFU Championship does not mean I live a Johnny Wilkinson-type existence in and around the city of Nottingham.

But, things are improving.

That is mainly down to having my infamous mullet chopped off more than any achievement on the pitch this season – I have been injured for most of it. But I have been recognised a few times – and not just within the Nottingham clubhouse.

I remember the first time that I was asked for my autograph, I found it really weird and didn’t quite know why the boy in question wanted my scribble on his pad.

As we have had more and more people come to watch us as the exposure of both the league and the club has increased, I have been recognised a few times and I have started getting more used to it.

I vividly remember someone stopping me in a park while he was out walking his dog with his wife and wanting a chat. That was weird.

I was in B&Q one day and I couldn’t find the step ladder I was looking for. I was getting more and more wound up by my sorry search and was just at the point of combustion when an old lady stopped me, smiled and told me what a big fan of me she was! I had to calm down in a hurry.

But the funniest mini-celebrity moment I have had was getting stopped along the High Street in West Bridgford when out – and in a rush - with my girlfriend.

He was a Leicester Tigers fan but recognised me because he followed me on Twitter*.

He actually introduced himself as his Twitter call-sign: “Mr Prevention” – he was a dentist. Perhaps we should have a day when we can only call people by their Twitter call-signs!

He started talking to me about stuff and, when I apologised and said we had to dash, he said: “Oh I am sorry, I bet you get stopped all the time?”

My girlfriend quickly replied: “No he doesn’t. This is the first time it has ever happened!”

Thanks a lot.

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Dave Jackson can be found on Twitter @JackoNR

Look at the RFU Championship table; not easy to find on the RFU site.

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