Brace Of Tries On Return

Getting back out onto the pitch after a lengthy injury was wonderful and it was nice to get back to diving over the whitewash last weekend with a couple of tries despite our defeat at Bedford.

I actually got back out there for the first time since breaking my shoulder blade in our win over Plymouth Albion the previous week.

Just 10 minutes into the game, I felt a clash of heads with their winger and there was claret everywhere after splitting my eye open.

It was obviously a good cut judging by the reaction of some of my team mates who winced and walked away!

For one horrible minute, I thought that I had broken my cheekbone, like I did last year.

But it just took some temporary glue, a bandage which made me look like an old school second rower and a few stitches later on to sort me out.

The shoulder itself was good and I didn’t have any problems with it either during or after the game.

I supposed it helped that I was actually ready to play a few weeks ago but we had a couple of games fall foul of the weather. During that time, I had been doing plenty of mental preparation by going through certain scenarios in my head and visualising myself in certain positions.

That all helped me prepare for the time when I ran out on the pitch for the first time in four long months.

The boys were good to me and everyone was wishing me well and saying it was good to have me back but I get pretty serious on game day and there was no time for the messing around that has become commonplace during my time out injured!

Everyone does their own thing but I get really serious before a game and I want to focus because I know that there is a lot riding on it.

There will be a lot more riding on every game from now on as the play-offs start after a short break.

We have things that we want to work on as we start to prepare for them but we have started to play some good rugby over the last month or so.

We have played well in parts this season but now it’s about putting together consistent performances for 80 minutes.

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