Big Tongan Moves to Gloucester

I greeted news of our big Tongan back-rower, Sione Kalamafoni’s move to Gloucester today with a mixture of happiness and sadness.

I will be very sorry to see him leave Nottingham.

In his two years with us, he has made a huge impact. On the pitch, he is devastating and off the field, he is a lovely bloke with a great attitude to life. I will miss his company when he goes and the club will miss what he has to offer.

But as sad as I will be to see him leave, I am happy that he has been picked up by an Aviva Premiership club and a good one too.

I can promise Gloucester fans that they are in for a real treat when he puts their club’s shirt on – if they can find one big enough that it.

He is a huge bloke, weighing in at about 19 stones and you can imagine what that sort of bodyweight can do coming off the back of a scrum.

But Sione has real gas too. I honestly believe he could be a Johan Lomu-type character, smashing everything before him, if he ever got a run out on the wing.

And don’t worry about his pace. I have seen him chase down and tackle numerous wingers in his time.

Sione can do some ridiculous things and he will do really well at Kingholm.

You never know, we might be playing against him next season if our own play-off hopes come to fruition.

Sione is one of several players to move from the Championship to the Premiership in recent weeks.

Worcester have just signed two lads from Rotherham in Semisi Taulava and Rob O’Donnell, while Northampton have picked up another Rotherham player in skipper Sam Dickinson.

I doubt they will be the last this year either.

It proves just how far the standard of competition has come in the last few years and that can only bode well for its future.

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