We Have What It Takes To Beat Bristol

As tough as it was to lose to Bristol at home last weekend, we genuinely believe we have what it takes to beat them.

And we won’t have to wait long to have that opportunity.

We travel to the Memorial Stadium on Friday and, as things stand in the Championship play-offs, it’s a game we have got to win if we want to drag ourselves back into the promotion reckoning in Pool A.

I can promise Nottingham fans that we won’t die wondering.

At Meadow Lane last week, we gave them a 18-point start which you can’t afford to do with any side, let along one as good as Bristol in the play-offs.

Both of their tries were off turnover ball and proved that we just need to show a bit more composure at times.

We clawed our way back and despite losing a spell where they had a bloke in the sin-bin, 6-0, we still went into the closing stages 24-19 down and looking for a converted try that would have won us the game.

As we pounded away inside their 22, I genuinely believed we were going to do it.

But we lost the ball a few metres out and that was that.

To get that close after having given them such a big lead was cause for optimism after the game.

We’ll go to Bristol confident that we can get a result but we have to turn talking about winning into actually achieving it.

The other good thing about where we are at the moment is that most of the squad is fit and that is creating real competition for shirts.

I hope I can keep my starting shirt again for Friday’s game.

With everything on the line in the play-offs, these games are superb to play in.

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