Breakfast Eat Off

What started off as an innocent tweet has now turned into a macho flexing of manly muscles.

Well....jaw muscles to be precise.

Capital FM breakfast presenters Dino and Pete will be challenging myself and two Nottingham players with big mouths and even bigger bellies to an eating contest of mammoth proportions.

Matt Parr and Nic Rouse will be doing most of the eating and I will be chipping in with the odd mouthful if they are struggling.

On Dino and Pete’s side will be their two colleagues from the studio they present the breakfast show with.

Technically, it’s a four versus two-and-a-half contest.

On the table for each team will be two fry-up breakfasts of monster proportions served by the wonderful Belle and Jerome restaurant in West Bridgford.

They include: six sausages, six bacon, six eggs, six rounds of toast, six halves of tomatoes, six field mushrooms and six portions of baked beans.

Our big-eating Argentine centre Juan Pablo Socino tried to eat one a few weeks ago in our own version of the TV show Man versus Food – we called it Juan versus Food – geddit?

He failed miserably.

The contest between me and Capital FM started with a bit if idle banter on Twitter and has grown from there.

Dino and Pete have really been talking it up on Twitter but my boys have form and I am full of confidence despite the radio gang having a clear numerical advantage.

Matt Parr reckons he can eat one comfortably and Nic Rouse has the biggest shins in the world. If his stomach is in proportion to his shins, he will have no trouble.

Nic also has a secret weapon. There is a gap between his front two teeth which is so big, I think he will be able to eat a sausage without even opening his mouth!

The big clash is due to take place soon (follow @LivingRugby on twitter for news). We are going to video it and post it on You Tube.

Who says the ‘off season’ is boring!

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