Pre-Season Start With Coach Moving To Irish

Pre-Season Start With Coach Moving To Irish

Our pre-season began this week with news that our director of rugby Glenn Delaney has left Nottingham to become forwards’ coach at London Irish.

He has always wanted to coach in the Premiership and when I heard he had applied for the job, I had a gut feeling that he would get it because he used to play for them.

He deserves his chance and we all wish him well.

Glenn has, like me, been here a long time and has helped the club successfully transform from the amateur/semi-pro days into what it is today.

In the last few years, he has done more and more behind the scenes stuff as a director for rugby.

He is very good at the contractual side of things which was good news for the club and bad news for us players!

We have mostly operated on a low-to-modest budget over the years and Glenn has helped to keep us challenging the top four in the Championship. He has made some shrewd signings.

His move to the Exiles as solely a forwards coach will get him back to the basics of what he started doing and maybe he was ready for that.

Glenn is a good guy and he will be missed. He always wanted us to enjoy ourselves.

Like me, he had a nine-to-five full-time job before turning his attention to rugby and he always used to remind the lads, when we were in a rut or a bit down after a few defeats, that we were so lucky to do the job we do.

He would emphasise the need to ensure we make the most of the time we have to do this job because we were in a very privileged position.

In other news, we were back in pre-season training at Nottingham three days before the winners of our league are decided!

Our trainers don’t believe in easing us in and we have already been beasted.

We have done so many squats that I have been in pain today just crouching down to sit on the toilet!

I fear things will get worse...much worse....before they bet better.

Read London Irish' news page on Glenn Delaney becoming forwards coach.

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