The Art Of The Try Celebration

I scored a try while playing Sevens rugby once and ran over into the corner to start my celebration.

A mate went down on all fours to mimic a chair, I sat on his back, someone else put an imaginary bib around my neck and another team mate came in to give me a mock shave.

It was magic.

The “art” of the try celebration has become a bit of grey area in proper XV-a-side rugby though.

In football, it’s part of the furniture. Every goal up and down the land, the length and breadth of the continent is celebrated in one way or another.

In rugby, not only is a celebration not expected, it’s also not accepted in most quarters.

There’s a view that a try celebration shows you are being cocky, it’s disrespectful to the opposition and you might get smacked in the face for it at the next ruck!

For me, that’s a load of rubbish and it is time things changed – and not just because I have a few up my sleeve either.

We have to remember that we are in the entertainment industry and I would put money on the fact that I reckon more supporters would like to see a good try celebration, than not.

I saw the Queensland Reds Digby Ioane do one the other day Down Under in the Super 15s. He was break dancing and it was absolute class. You can imagine how much the Aussie commentators were enjoying it – they get excited by a half-decent pass!

Danny Cipriani has done a few good ones in his time and, of course, Chris Ashton’s “Splash” has created tonnes of media interest.

In some respects, I can see his celebration causing controversy because he does it with ball-in-hand before he crosses the line.

But surely there is nothing wrong with a good celebration after you have touched down.

Come on people – it’s time to embrace it – not criticise.*

Watch the Danny Cipriani try celebration.

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*The views expressed are those of Dave Jackson & not necessarily of all involved in the Living Rugby site - especially those who were forwards!


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