Zumba Used In Rugby Training

We are well into pre-season at Nottingham and most of the boys are already
in great nick – if I do say so myself!

Weeks of hard graft have certainly paid dividends.

Our French Strength & Conditioning coach Jo Brun has livened things up a
bit away from the daily grind by introducing a different “fun time”
activity each week.

We have played cricket, badminton and basketball among other things down at
Nottingham Trent University.

The other week, we took it up another level by trying a Zumba Class.

Zumba is a Columbian Dance fitness programme which involves dance and
aerobic elements.

According to Wikipedia, it incorporates elements of “hip-hop, samba, salsa,
mambo, martial arts, Bollywood, and belly dancing”.

I will leave it to your imagination as to what most of the forwards looked
like trying their hand at that lot.

For the record, I had little trouble with the technical side of any of
those aspects.

In fact, at times, I was told off by the teacher for creating my own shapes!

I wish I could brag as confidently about my DIY skills.

During the summer, me and my girlfriend have embarked on a “doing up”
project at home.

After weeks of living a tramp-like existence, we are starting, mercifully,
to show signs of the finished product.

To emphasise what I have been going through, I have spent the last four
weeks cooking off a barbecue because we have had no proper cooking

It’s amazing what you can achieve on the old coals.

Yes there are steaks and chicken and stuff. But have you ever tried to a
cook a pizza on one?

It works a treat. Trust me.


Nottingham Rugby fullback Dave Jackson's kitchen

Nearly after:

Rugby player Dave Jackson's almost complete kitchen

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