Life At Nottingham Rugby Good Under New Coach Martin Haag

Inevitably, there has much discussion about the Olympics at training this week.

We have come to the conclusion that Jack Cobden would be our Usain Bolt, while prop Matt Parr would be a shoe-in in the discus. Having said that, you do need some level of co-ordination, even in a sport like that.

After much deliberation, I have decided that my best chance of a medal at Rio 2016 is in the 800 metres.

I don’t think it looks too technical and we have a strong history of middle-distance runners in Great Britain so I know the public would be right behind me.

Plus, I would have a great sprint finish.

Rio this space.

Closer to home, we are starting to really gear up for the start of the new Championship season at Nottingham now and life under new head coach Martin Haag is good.

We will be well-prepared and be in good shape come that opening game at home to Leeds on August 31.

Before then we kick off our pre-season at London Irish on Friday night.

But the game that all of our fans seem to be talking about is the trip to newly-promoted Jersey.

It is not until February next year but they are getting themselves extremely excited at the prospect of flying – or taking a ferry – to an away league fixture.

It will be interesting to see which method of transport we use as players. If we fly, that will be a first for me at a league match.

It’s always an interesting debate about whether sides get an advantage if they are based miles away from the majority of the other teams in the league, like Channel Islanders Jersey are.

I think they will have an advantage at home because it is so new for all of the visiting teams and that could play a part in them doing okay this season.

Some people say that they have to travel themselves when they go away but, the fact of the matter there is, that they are used to it. They will have travelled long distances every other week last season so will be better accustomed to the rigours of a potentially lengthy ferry/bus journey.

I hope they do well – having sides come up and down is good for the league and the game as a whole.

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