Blade cuts the mustard

Blade cuts the mustard

I paid for my first haircut in nine years the other week.

When you take as good care as I do with my barnet, it was a big thing.

I have trusted my girlfriend to cut my hair over those nine years - we have been together for 10 – it took me a year to build up the trust! Even then, I found it hard to criticise her work with a sharp blade in her hand so close to my neck!

I let her do it safe in the knowledge that she has saved me about £2,500 in the last nine years.

However, she has been away for a while and so I spotted a barbers at the end of my road in Mapperley. It's called ‘Blade’ - I like that.

It was in a row of shops that included a DIY merchants and a second-hand car yard – I have used the lot now.

I was a bit scared at first after going in there previously a couple of weeks earlier. As I sat there waiting in line, I suddenly noticed that I couldn't see a pair of scissors in the place. Just a row of clippers of varying degrees of blades.

When my phone rang, I saw it as the ideal opportunity to feign an emergency and leave quickly with a sheepish grin on my face.

I suppose you could call me a 'Blade' runner!

But, as I went back for a second time a few weeks later, I didn’t really know what I wanted to have done.

When it was my turn, he said that he had often seen me walking past on the way home and said he often marvelled at my “wonderful mullet”.

From that point on, I knew he had good taste and that I could trust him with my hair.

He was a classic barber, telling me all sorts of stories. He was ex-military and had owned the barbers for seven years. He was superb company.

He did a great job too and left me with a sort of early-stage Mohawk, short at the sides and spiky on top.

It was only £9 and, as I left, he said: “Don’t be a stranger.”

I don’t intend to be. Suddenly and out of nowhere, my girlfriend has competition!

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