Return of Movember

Return of Movember

I love it when the nights start drawing in, the leaves fall off the trees and the clocks go back.

While most people see that as the start of the run down to the festive season, all I can see are the endless pontificating to be had over a new moustache under the Movember banner.

This year has been no different. I asked my people on Twitter to come up with some ideas for me to grow and they responded in style.

After last year's 'cat's tail', it was going to take something special to top that.

But I think I have found it. Now it's just a case of being able to carry it off.

I have decided to grow the Batman 'crest' into my top lip and chin and I am very excited about it.

There are two potential problems to be overcome though and I am working day and night to do so.

Firstly, I have to find a barber I can trust to carry out such an intricate design. I have been scouring the Nottinghamshire barber scene doing a sort of X-Factor-type audition for the right person. As yet, to no avail.

They have to have all the right tools to complete the look and they have to be trustworthy too. The stakes are that high.

Secondly, the hair folicles on my face have to complete their side of the bargain and grow like they have never grown before. Not necessarily long - but with the depth needed to avoid patchyness in the design.

I am not sure what that bit is called between your top lip and your nose - my mate calls it the "Clive" for some reason - but that is going to have to have serious depth to it.

After the success of the 'Cat's Tail' last year, I have really been feeling the pressure to come up with something just as popular. But pressure brings the best out in people and if this works, it will be a masterpiece of coolness.

There is also a slight worry that it could turn a bit ginger as some of my previous efforts have. But I am prepared to dye it to get the right effect.

Mrs Jacko reckons I haven't got the depth of growth to be able to carry this off. But I have proved her wrong in the past - often on a daily basis.

She once told me that I could never pull off a mullet and history might suggest otherwise.


As always, Movember is for a good cause. Stay close to Living Rugby and I will be keeping you updated with how the Batman 'tache is going - and where you can donate the odd quid to as well.

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