Movember batman

The bat-tache? Dave Jackson grows his Movember tache.

Well, after weeks of hard graft, the fruits of my labour are now there for all to see.

The 'Batman' Movember tache was cut into my face on Monday lunchtime by a bloke called Ash at Mario's Barber Shop in the centre of Nottingham.

As those of you who read my last blog on the search for someone with the skills to be able to carry out and perform such a delicate operation will know, I searched high and low for the right man.

I actually had someone lined up and they bottled it late on and put me in touch with this guy because he was, apparently, the bee's knees.

When I walked into the shop and showed him the picture of the intricate Batman design I wanted, all he said was: "Do you mind if I do it better than that?"

I have to admit, his confidence left me a bit skeptical but he was true to his word. It took him about 15 minutes and I left feeling really chuffed with it.

As I walked back through Nottingham I was starting to wonder if it really was that good because nobody batted an eyelid.

But when I posted a picture of it last night on Twitter, I had some cracking comments.

I wish I could take all the praise but it's really just a showcase of the skills of Ash at Mario's who is supporting Movember with his razor-sharp skills.

And there is the serious matter of raising the awareness of what Movember is all about - prostate and testicular cancer.

There is still time to give a few quid to the cause thorugh my donation page if you like it.

I got back home after my trip to have it done last night and was awaiting with trepidation the all-important views of my girlfriend when she got in.

"I don't find it that offensive," she said.

I think that's a compliment!

You can see more of the Dave's efforts and show your support at his special movember page.

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