Chocks away for Christmas Chopper ride

I got given a helicopter flying experience for Christmas.

It's not the best way for a bloke who is a bit worried by heights to spend an hour or so.

I got given it in our familiy "secret santa" as well, so I have no idea who to blame.

In actual fact, I am looking forward to it. I will be nervous in the build up but when I am up there, I will be fine.

I hope.

Christmas was good and I had the whole week off for the first time in as long as I can remember.

I wasn't exactly laiden with presents this year. Myself and my girlfriend had a sort of agreement not to spend too much on each other because we are about to have a new bathroom fitted.

God, I sound old.

Despite my attempts to 'do-up' this house, which have been well documented in my Living Rugby blogs, I am not taking any risks with the bathroom and have got someone else to come in and do it.

I have not got the slightest clue about plumbing.

On the pitch, it seems weird that our last game was against Moseley almost two weeks ago.

It was a real old battle and they played some good stuff and snaffled out lots of the things that we wanted to do.

I found it hard to believe they were so low down in the table and, if they keep playing like they did against us, they will not be down there for long.

It was one of those games where you are happy to come away with the points and you move on.

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