One hundred try tally reached

It was both satisfying and a relief to finally get to 100 tries for Nottingham last week against Doncaster.

A relief because the lads had started giving me some stick about being on 99 and also a relief because I can’t stand odd numbers.

I’m not joking either. If the TV volume control is too loud at 8 and too quiet at 6, it puts me in a real quandary. For someone with such a pathological hatred of odd numbers, being stuck on 99 for a while was no fun.

When it came, it was actually quite a nice try. We played a sweeping move from right to left and when I got the ball, I handed someone off before going over in the corner as someone else dived in to tackle me.

I have to admit that I went a little bit mad. I was quite excited, you could say. In fact, I was more excited than I thought I would be.

When you play the sport for a living, games tend to blend into one another. But this will always be a special one for me because it meant I became one of only five players in the 139-year history of the club to have made it to 100 tries.

That is a nice feeling and to celebrate it with a large travelling support that day from the Green Army made it really good. My folks were there too and my girlfriend’s family were there as well - and they hardly ever watch rugby.

Good timing I suppose. I have worked out that if I play until I am about 60, I could get another 100 tries. Leave it with me.

I have also realised that if I score one more try, I can release my “101 Best Dave Jackson Tries” highlights DVD. Why are they always a big round number – plus one? I think I have a “501 Best Tries” DVD somewhere.

Anyway, I digress.

We have a big game in the B&I Cup this weekend at home where we have to stop Llandovery getting a bonus point while we get five. If we can do that, we reach the quarter-finals.

It’s nice to have a cup run. We don’t do that very often.

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