Romantic gestures and wedding planning

They say you should never judge a book by its cover.

Well me and the soon-to-be Mrs Jackson, my girlfriend Catherine, have started the task of trying to find a venue for our wedding in the summer.

A process to test the patience of saints.

We went to one place the other day on a Sunday morning. Catherine was going to play football afterwards so was dressed in her tracksuit and I just had some jogging bottoms and a hoodie on.

Standard Sunday morning attire in the Jackson household.

The woman who answered the door firstly questioned whether we had actually made an appointment. She then showed us around begrudgingly and I clocked her three times staring at me like I was something on the bottom of her shoe.

I don't think we will be going back there.

I promised to make Catherine an honest women back in November on the 10-year anniversary of us getting together.

I know ladies…smooth huh?

What wasn't smooth was my delivery.

Nottingham had played Newcastle on the Friday night and we got the week off so we went up to Northumberland.

I had the ring ready and there are some really nice beaches around there so we went for a walk.

But I didn't half faff around waiting for that "right moment" to arrive.

Every time I thought about it, somebody would walk by with their dog or ride past on a bike, causing me added stress.

But I did it eventually. On one knee too.

She had to say 'yes' because me and romantic gestures are few and far between.

The best thing I ever did along those lines were put two plane tickets to Paris in her Christmas card one year when we were at university.

I lived off that for years.

Yes, someone agreed to marry Nottingham fullback Dave Jackson

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