Funny looks

Funny looks

I have been getting some funny looks this week but, for once, none of them were to do with haircuts or mustaches.


A first trip to the dentist in 10 years saw me leave with five fillings and a feeling that I had just been punched several times in the mouth.

The dentist’s assistant warned me that they might need to get stuck in a bit.

She wasn’t kidding. It felt like it hurt about as much as when I broke my jaw last year.

And, as a result, I was speaking like a ventriloquist for a while afterwards. And because there is no visible signs of discomfort after a trip to the dentist, people wonder why you are slurring your words and not opening your mouth when you speak.

But that was not as bad as the looks I have been getting from passers-by my house which is quite close to a pavement.

Me and some of the boys at the club have got into playing a PlayStation 3 game called ‘Call of Duty’. You can actually play against each other if you play it over the internet and you can chat to each other while you play if you get yourself a headset.

Of course, I have got all the gear - so there are times when I am sitting alone in my front room staring at the TV with a headset on, shouting my head off.

People who walk past the window and see nobody else in the room must think I am a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

It’s very addictive though and I will keep playing until I beat champion Joe Duffey. He’s good - it must be that front row mentality.

In other news, those who have been encapsulated by the romance and love theme in my last blog will be happy to know that me and the soon-to-be Mrs Jackson have found a venue for our wedding.

When I say "we" have found somewhere, I actually mean "me" - much to Catherine's disgust.

While she was travelling the length and breadth of the country trying to find somewhere suitable, I came upon the ideal place for us - in Plumtree, Nottingham!

It's just what we were after and, more importantly, it saves on petrol costs!

All we need now is a live band. Does anybody have good tips?

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