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Dave Jackson in action for Nottingham Rugby in the RFC Championship

I was delighted to sign a new deal that keeps me at Nottingham, for several reasons.

Firstly, as a Nottingham lad, the pride in playing for the town you have grown up in is pretty special.

There are lots of staff at Meadow Lane on match day who are really nice to me too and, I think, are genuinely happy to see me because they have seen me every other week for years.

One of the stewards gives me a big hug every time she sees me and another steward greets me like a long lost brother every time he sees me. I don’t even know his name.

The affinity with the supporters is there too. They have been great to me over the years and I hope I have given them the odd try to cheer about.

There are also some good things going on here and our position in the table reflects that. There are many parts of the club that are going in the right direction and I didn’t want to leave with things in such a good shape.

I also feel that I still have a lot to offer the club. Happy days.

Happy days for Dave Jackson who will stay at Nottingham Rugby

I was a happy bunny when I heard that Wales had beaten England in the Six Nations decider last weekend.

I know I don’t sound all that Welsh but both of my parents are from Wales and I was brought up as a Wales fan by my dad who got me watching loads of rugby of their successful side of the 1970s.

I thought Wales would win but not by that amount.

We found the score out just after we had landed at Gatwick after the flight back from Jersey last weekend.

I was sat with our Welsh kit man Dave Jones when we hear the result.

Alex Shaw came up to us and told that England had been “significantly the better side”.

Something I found hard to believe looking at the scoreline Alex!

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Danny Thomas said...

23 March 2013 23:41,

Brilliant to know Jacko will still be at Nottingham next year. He was playing in the first match I went to and it is always a treat to see him play. The fact he is a Nottingham lad is just the icing on the cake.

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