I am a married man!

I am a married man….at last.

And Mrs Catherine Jackson has just got her first bit of documentation with proof of her new name in the form of her driving license.

She’s not the best at getting stuff like that sorted and unless I shove the forms under her nose with a pen, she would never get it done.

In the end, it felt like I was forcing her to prove she was my wife like some caveman wanting to let everyone know she was “my woman”!

Our wedding day went very smoothly. I remember looking up in the middle of the meal and realising that I hadn’t noticed any of the staff from the venue all day long. They must have been doing a great job.

Followers of my fashion sense will be disappointed to hear that I wasn’t allowed to get married in double denim – but I did wear a blue suit so at least I felt as close as I could to that.

We honeymooned in Coatia and Montenegro and it was beautiful. There are fantastic mountains and beaches right next to each other with lovely food and lots of fish.

Catherine is more adventurous than me with trying new food but one day, we had this huge platter of fish and prawns and some things I had never seen in my life.

I thought it was time to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. But when Catherine asked what parts of a certain fish she should eat and what she should leave - and I told her I had just ate its head - she gave a look which made me realise that my new gutsy attitude had perhaps gone one step too far.

We stayed in a rented house next to the owners. They were really friendly and came out in the garden to speak to us all the time. The trouble was that we didn’t speak their language and they could just say “hello” in English – and that was it!

It made for some interesting conversations and we used bits of French and German at times to try and explain what each other was saying.

She was teaching us Croatian as the holiday went on and we were getting there, just as it was time to leave.

Back to Nottingham was a bump to reality. Pre-season is the usual beasting at the hands of our strength and conditioner, Jo Brun.

We have lost a few lads like Matt Parr and Nic Rouse to Premiership clubs but we have brought new guys in and is good fun getting to know them as we get flogged to within an inch of our lives.

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