How do you follow that? Movember

I wasn’t going to do Movember this year.

Last year’s ‘batman’ - and the previous year's 'cat's tail' design - were so good and got so many people talking, that I thought it might be a case of ‘how do you follow that’?

I have seen the Back to the Future and Lethal Weapon sagas on DVD and the third episode is rarely as good as the first two!

But then someone sent me a design for the question mark mustache on Twitter and I thought I would give it a go.

There's been a lot of discussion about whether this qualifies, but hey, it's for charity, isn't it.

It has turned a few heads and, of course, encouraged lots of people to ask me questions…naturally.

There has been much debate about whether it actually “qualifies” for a Movember tache...or a beard.

My response to that has always been: “Who cares – we are raising money for charity aren’t we”?

And that cancer charity will have received some serious funds when this year’s efforts are over. Movember has grown and grown into something massive the world over.

Each design creates its own problems in terms of grooming and I have developed ways of keeping on top of this one too.

I am never clean-shaven anyway and am used to the facial hair – so that is not a problem.

My wife supports all of my endeavours, without doubt. But she has made a point that the question mark can create problems when she wants to kiss me. But we have a strong relationship. We’ll work through it!

As always, the other boys at Nottingham have been doing their bit for the cause too.

And to counteract that often prickly reaction from wives and girlfriends, Alex Shaw has ingeniously got his missus involved in the design of his tache.

He – or should I say ‘they’ – have gone for a sort of slug/handle bars effort with bits that curl up at the end.

Everyone’s efforts have been admirable with some, obviously more bushy than others.

I am back in training now after an injury lay-off and, as always, it’s great to be back out there.

The boys meanwhile, are getting there and are not a million miles away from where we want to be.

Donate to Movember here.

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