Retiring From Rugby Was Not On The Cards

Dave Jackson thinks he was lucky not to be given a choice about playing the game he loves.

Jackos last bang to the head was unlike any other he'd had playing rugby.

Retiring from rugby was not on the cards this season.

I had had a few bangs on the head before but nothing like the one I got this summer.

The after-effects were lengthy and very serious and when I saw a specialist after having my head examined by various scans, they told me that the only real option was to call it a day last December. It was just too dangerous to carry on.

This was not a broken arm, or leg, this was my head. I am sort of glad they were that specific about me giving up the game. I wouldn’t have wanted to have been given a choice about whether to carry on or not.

When you are desperate to play the game you love as much as I was, you can easily make what would have been the wrong decision and carried on playing to see how I got on.

I want to tell you a bit more about the events in the aftermath of my head injury so I will back later this week with another blog.

But for now, I would like you to think about supporting an event I am doing in late March in support of a group called Headway – which is a brain injury charity.

On Sunday 30 March, I am going to cycle from Headingley Stadium in Yorkshire down to the home of Nottingham Rugby, Meadow Lane and arrive, hopefully, 80 miles later, in time for kick-off of the Green King IPA Championship clash between the two sides.

Jacko will be cycling for head injury charity Headway

Jacko with Rhiana Lakin from the charity Headway

May I emphasise the word ‘hopefully’ in that last paragraph!

I’ll set off at 5.30am and will try and get there for the 3 o’clock kick-off.

The aim is to raise awareness of head injuries in sports - and money for the brain injury association that is Headway.

The charity is now obviously close to my heart because of the way my career ended.

In a way, I feel lucky though, because the guys in the know said I should not have any ongoing problems in future with the effects of my concussions.

Other people with head injuries are not so lucky and have immediate life changing effects when the brain is damaged or longer-term brain issues.

Headway charity supports people suffering from head injuries like that and I am keen to get involved.

If you would like to make a donation, I would really appreciate your help - please visit:

Oh...and wish me luck - I have a feeling I may need it.

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